Kenny P & Band record soulful videos LIVE from The Amber Sound Studio

Kenny P recently spent time at The Amber Sound studio in Hermitage, TN, near Nashville. The production and live videography really captures the soulful vibe of his music. The cover of Patsy Cline's "Crazy" is truly... CRAZY!

The Voice Season 12 - Rolling Stone Magazine
March 14, 2017

"...Meanwhile, another country standout, Kenny Pengal (who goes by Kenny P) impressed the judges with Todd Rundgren’s soulful rock ballad “Hello It’s Me.” The 30-year-old singer, a Cleveland native and current Nashville resident, talked about his love of country, blues and soul. His take on Rundgren’s 1972 hit went the soft rock route with a hint of Broadway flair, nailing the long notes and smooth vocals effortlessly. Watch it below.

“The way you’re able to attack those notes with so much power, like you didn’t even need the microphone,” said Shelton. But his girlfriend Stefani got the upper hand. “I don’t really know the Nashville scene, although I have been to about two billion Blake Shelton concerts in the last year,” she joked, scoring another member for Team Gwen." - Rolling Stone Magazine

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